FASTPED® Bicycle, Bike, Cycle Steel Hand Tool Box for Maintenance (Multicolour) – 37pcs


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Package Includes:

1 x Seal Middle Axle Installation Tool 1 x Cartesian Step Pulley Handling Tool 1 x Fixed Flywheel Handling Tool 1 x Steel Wire Wrench 1 x 8″, 9″ 10″ Open Ring Wrench 2 x 14″16″-13″15″ Gear Shaft Wrench 1 x 6″/5″/4″/3″/2″/1″ Allen Wrench 1 x Middle Axle Handling Tool 1 x Ordinary Middle Axle Handing Tool Hook Spanner 1 x 15″16″-15″17″ Pedals Open Ring Wrench 1 x Ordinary Flywheel Handling Tool 4 x Interchangeable Phillips/ Flat End Screwdriver 1 x 150mm 6″ Monkey wrench 3 x Tire Wrench 1 x Tire Repair Set (Not Including The Rubber Cement) 1 x Chain Handling Tool 1 x Crank Handling Tool 1 x Phillips Screwdriver 1 x Tire Air Pressure Detection Pen 3 x 10″/9″8″ Hexagonal Socket Wrench Plug 1 x Hexagonal Socket Wrench Connecting Rod 1 x Flywheel/Sealed Middle Axle Handling Tool Connecting Rod


multi tools



Compact, Lightweight and Perfect hand tool kit for Household DIY Tasks & emergency maintenance.


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