FASTPED 110 Rechargeable Bike Horn and Light 140 DB with Super Bright 250 Lumen Light


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Waterproof Bicycle Headlight With Horn Rechargeable Night Ride Front Bicycle Light Multifunctional Highlight Cycling Headlight

When I ride at night or in low-light situations, I like to have at least a rear light to make me more visible to motorists. A front light is also nice, both to be visible to cars and to see potential potholes or other obstructions that could put me in the hospital. I prefer lights that are rechargeable and cheap, so that I can just leave them on the bike and not have to remember to bring them with me or worry about having them stolen.

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Why have lights on bicycles at all?

There’s a surprising amount conflict among bicycle advocates on whether good bicycle lighting can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death at night. Reading one European study and various websites, a major reason for the disagreement is there’s a lack of data about bicycle-miles-traveled or even the number of bicycle trips at night or dusk, versus daytime trips. Only by cross-checking this data with bike crash data, can researchers see how many accidents are occurring per-ride at different times of day. A few countries, like the Netherlands (and cities) collect this data and there seems to be decent statistical evidence in these places that accidents per-trip or per-mile-biked are significantly higher at night. Dutch and Canadian data say that about a third of both bike crashes with motor vehicles and cyclist deaths occur at night or under artificial lighting. This is occurring despite the fact that far fewer people ride at night. Yet, some researchers will say there’s not enough data on how many crashes or what percentage of nighttime or twilight crashes were caused by a bicycle’s lack of decent lighting versus other factors like increased nighttime alcohol consumption by cyclists or motorists or additional nighttime visibility issues.


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